Kira Noir takes it deep in her mouth


Out on a girl’s night, Kira Noir gets involved in their regular round of truth or dare. Being the timid one Kira is she usually goes for the truth. But her Girlfriends will not let her off without a dare this time. They dare her to go to the one place they all want to but most are too afraid to, The Glory Hole. She is tasked with bringing back proof that it exists somehow. Kira is amazed at the place when she walks in and takes a seat. It does not take but a moment for a cock to appear and she starts with a squeal. But the hungry girl that she is leaves no dick waiting and quickly it’s at the back of her throat buried deep.

Stripping out of her sexy dress she gets down to work to take this cock for everything she needs. Finally backing up on it as well to sate her quivering quim. And so back and forth she takes it deep in her mouth. After that then back to her pussy until she is determined to finally milk that cock. For all, it’s worth and has the proof she needs to show her friends. And a Huge load of proof it is in fact covering her face and breasts. And with a quick photo on her phone, she now has proof and bragging rights to show everyone she is the Big Girl Now! See more interracial porn movies and black sex videos with Kira Noir on Glory Hole Initiations

Actors: Kira Noir
Added on: March 12, 2022

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